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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Turbo?

    Turbo makes getting paid easier. Turbo generates links to secure credit card payment pages. You can copy the link and send it to customers or put a scannable QR code on an invoice or signage. You're also able to specify many options, such as the amount you wish to be paid, or you can let the recipient enter an amount.

  • Can I use my own domain name?

    Yes! Build your brand with every payment link you send! Use your domain replace the “” in your links with the name of your choosing so you can take total control of your content. By using your brand in your links, your audience will know they can trust them. Configure your domain name in Settings, under Custom Domain. It's pretty easy, you'll just need to setup a CNAME record with your DNS provider, which in most cases, is your domain registrar. Email us if you get stuck.  

  • What about recurring payments?

    Yes, Turbo supports charges recurring weekly, monthly, and annually.

  • Can I accept all credit cards and ACH?

    Yes! You can accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and you can enable accepting ACH payments. ACH is often preferable when accepting larger payments where card transaction fees could be prohibitively high.

  • Does Turbo have same-day payouts?

    Yes! When creating a payment link, you can choose the option to be paid immediatley. Funds typically settle within 30 minutes, including on weekends and holidays.

  • What about tipping?

    Turbo provides businesses with the option to collect tips.

  • Do you have an API?

    Yes, please visit for more details!

Simple & Predictable Pricing

  • Pay as you go

    No contracts, no monthly fees
    Per successful transaction
    • ✓
      Branded payment page
    • ✓
      Accept credit cards online
    • ✓
      Accept Apple Pay
    • ✓
      Accept Google Pay
    • ✓
      Accept ACH
    • ✓
      QR codes
    • ✓
      Recurring payments
    • ✓
      File uploads
    • ✓
      Support for custom domain
    • ✓
      Convenience fees
    • ✓
      PDF invoices
    • ✓
      Email support
    • ✓
      Microsoft Word Add-in
    • ✓
      Works with Stripe

Easily copy and share

This example uses the Turbo domain followed by a username and an amount.

How payment links work

In this example, Ace Dog, a Denver-based doggy daycare needs to collect $123.40.

Ace Dog can text or email payment links to customers or create scannable QR codes for easier payments.

Custom domain name example

With this example, a customer could change the amount in the URL. You can also omit the amount and let the customer specify an amount.

Reinforce your brand

Every payment link using your domain helps promote your brand.

You can also avoid vendor lock-in by using your own domain name.

White label domain example

Turbo has many white-label domain names to choose from which cand lend instant credibility to any project - and keeps the Turbo brand hidden.

Convey understanding, faster

The domain, for example, speaks for itself. Using these white-labelled domains makes it easier for your customers to understand what the payment is for, and oftentimes is a shorter address.

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